History of the Coxhall Mansion

Jesse Cox was born in 1918 and attended Washington High School where he met and later married Beulah Chanley. He attended Indiana University earning a BS degree in business administration. A self made entrepreneur, Jesse owned six drapery plants in the Midwest. Jesse also developed his own citrus farm near Orlando Florida.

In 1865, John Williams, one of Hamilton County's earliest settlers, built the Victorian home that still stands on the property visible by 116th street. In 1958, the couples deep love of farming and history led them to enter a bid to purchase the Williams homestead. This first bid failed, but three years later the couples second bid of $87,000 was accepted. Jesse and Beulah took residence in 1962. In the basement they discovered a mural of the Governer's Mansion in Williamsburg, Virginia. This mural became the inspiration for their dream home. The Mansion north-west of the original homestead was completed in 1974.

In 1999, the couple decided to preserve their estate by donating their land and home to the Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department. Their new dream was to "preserve an oasis in a sea of homes." The Hamilton County Parks and Recreation Department worked very closely with Jesse and Beulah to create their dreams of an "oasis."

The renovation and preservation of the mansion, as well as the creation of the gardens are being completed as closely as possible to Jesse's and Buelah's vision. Once completed, the mansion and grounds would be available for special events.

The current amenities to the park include dual bell towers with hourly chimes, a Children's Garden, a Waterfall Garden, and numerous ponds and paved walking paths. The focal point of the park is a terraced mini-amphitheater with a water fountain, as well as a bronze statue of Jesse and Beulah. During the summer months, the amphitheater is host to several concerts featuring local symphony orchestras.

Jesse's and Beulah's dream of an 'oasis in a sea of homes' has become reality, and is a beautiful recreational facility for Hamilton County residents.

Coxhall Mansion
Jesse and Beulah Cox